Get a feel for who I am as a person


I have always been a firm believer in the phrase, "Where there's a will there's a way." Throughout life I've found that the only true deterrent to solving a problem is how much time and dedication you're willing to apply to it.

Growing up I had a passion for puzzles, problem solving, and reverse engineering. As a teenager this took the form of modding and creating new content for video games. Since then, I've taken the lessons I learned in persistence, analysis, and problem solving, and applied it to my occupation as a web developer.

Right now I'm working on a personal project called battle-hex. A tile based web game that allow users to purchase cards and fight it out on a hexagonal tile based map. Previously I've developed a yelp-inpsired camp site that allowed users to look at and discuss campgrounds, and another that allowed users to send out email surveys en-masse.


When I'm not working on a project, learning a new skill, or running errands I will typically be doing one of a couple different things. I enjoy going on several short distance runs throughout the day, I read just about anything and everything, though I have a preference for emerging technologies, and on rare occasions I take an evening to play a game with my friends on Discord.